Animal-Plant NAMEs/Groups

(Alright, I admit it.....I am a sucker for trivia!!)

The following is a list of NAMEs of animal groups or plant groups, e.g. gaggle of geese

please forward any additions or corrections to me,

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(birds) flocks army caterpillars
(fish) school army frogs
(fish) shoal bale turtles
(primates) troops band gorillas
ants colony barrel monkeys
apes shrewdness barren mules
asses pass bed clams
baboons troops bed oysters
baby pigs litter bevy larks
bananas hand bevy quail
bees swarm bevy roebuck
bevies of quail covey bevy swans
birds flock brood hens
birds (small flock) pod brood young turkeys
boars singular building rooks
brood of chickens clutch business ferrets
buffalo herd cast hawks
caterpillars army charm goldfinsches
cats clowder charm goldfish
cats clutter charm hummingbirds
cattle drove chattering choughs
cattle herd clowder cats
choughs chattering clutch brood of chickens
clams bed clutter cats
clowders of cats clutter clutter clowders of cats
crows murder colony ants
curs cowardice colony flamingoes
deer herd covey bevies of quail
dogs kennel covey partridges
dogs litter cowardice curs
dolphins pod crash rhonceros
elephants herd creep tortoises
ferrets business deceit lapwings
flamingoes colony drift hogs
flamingoes flamboyance drove cattle
flamingoes regiment drove oxen
flamingoes stand drove sheep
foxes leash drove swine
foxes skulk exultation larks
frogs army fever sting rays
geese flight flamboyance flamingoes
geese flock flight geese
geese gaggle flock birds
goats flock flock geese
goats tribe flock goats
goats trip flock sheep
goldfinsches charm flocks (birds)
goldfish charm gaggle geese
gorillas band hand bananas
greyhounds leash herd buffalo
hawks cast herd cattle
hens brood herd deer
hogs drift herd elephants
horses herd herd horses
hounds pack herd zebras
hummingbirds charm host sparrows
insect eggs pod kennel dogs
kangaroos mob kindles kittens
kangaroos troops knot toads
kittens kindles labor moles
kittens litter leap leopards
lapwings deceit leash foxes
larks bevy leash greyhounds
larks exultation litter baby pigs
leopards leap litter dogs
lions pride litter kittens
locusts plague mob kangaroos
magpies tiding mob unruly humans
moles labor murder crows
monkeys barrel murmuration starlings
monkeys troops nest vipers
mules barren nest wasps
oxen drove nye pheasants
oysters bed pack hounds
partridges covey pack wolves
peacocks pride pass asses
pheasants nye plague locusts
ponies string pod birds (small flock)
porpoises school pod dolphins
poultry run pod insect eggs
quail bevy pod seals
rhonceros crash pod whales
roebuck bevy pride lions
rooks building pride peacocks
seals pod rafter turkeys
sheep drove regiment flamingoes
sheep flock route wolves
sparrows host run poultry
starlings murmuration school (fish)
sting rays fever school porpoises
swans bevy school whales
swine drove shoal (fish)
team of mules span shrewdness apes
toads knot singular boars
tortoises creep skulk foxes
turkeys rafter span team of mules
turtles bale stand flamingoes
unruly humans mob string ponies
vipers nest swarm bees
wasps nest tiding magpies
whales pod tribe goats
whales school trip goats
wolves pack troops (primates)
wolves route troops baboons
young turkeys brood troops kangaroos
zebras herd troops monkeys